RG Criminal Defense

The School of Self Defence has been set up to offer the ordinary law- abiding citizen a series of techniques, which will help him or her avoid becoming a victim on street or in their home. Around 90% of successfulself defence is to do with avoiding violence. The remaining 10% depends on using physical action to combat the attacker.You make sure your 10% is 100% effective; You can learn street fighting techniques (getting in to a fight is easy). We will also show you how to avoid getting in to a fight (which is normally the hard part). Your own mental attitude is of paramount importance both in avoiding violence and in fighting a determined aggressor.

Violent confrontations and unprovoked attacks are not restricted to the streets. There has been a general increase in attacks on people whose jobs bring them into daily contact with the public in all sorts of environments. The police are an obvious example, although they are more prepared than most of us for violent confrontation and have been trained how to deal with it. Other people whose jobs put them at risk include social workers, doctors and nurses, shop staff, bus drivers and conductors, taxi drivers and even firemen.

The chances of being attacked are still relatively small, and can be reduced even further by a few simple measures. For example, anyone interested in learning self defence should be prepared to spend time improving their fitness and also on their skills of self defence they should be practised until second nature. As far as your mental attitude is concerned, increased fitness and physical skills will boost yourself- confidence, help you to think clearly and quickly, stay aware of potential dangers, and focus your energies if the time comes for physical action. The menacing character who has obviously been sleeping rough and is now demanding money from you on the street may be a drunk or a drug addict.